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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Canada

  • Golden Fruits Market
    (based on 3 reviews)
    127 Union Rd, unit 14, In the Selma Shopping Mall. Toronto, ON, M4B A2A
    Golden Fruits Market has a best selection for you
  • Charcuterie Noël
    Montréal, QC
    • Phone: 514-323-0256
      La Charcuterie Noël vous offre des aliments de qualité, au goût sans pareil, le tout accompagné d'un service courtois, professionnel et amical. Chez Charcuterie Noël, vous faites partie de la ...more
    • Phone: 705-897-6302
      Season runs from May to September 8th. Open daily from 9 am - 8 pm. 7 days a week. We accept cash, debit and visa, amex,Mastercard and cash. Telephone number: (705) 897-6302 Also, visit ...more
    • Phone: 403-203-3870
      A full service restaurant fully licensed. Great home style food with speedy service. We service the working person right down to the family that is looking for a great bite to eat on an affordable ...more
  • SS Produce
    Keremeos, BC
    • Phone: 250-499-8089
      We sell only what we grow.
  • Siloam Orchards
    Uxbridge, ON
    • Phone: 905-852-9418
      Heirloom Fruit Tree Nursery and Orchard. Fruitwood for meat smoking.
  • Ilandway Sorbet
    Markham, ON
    • Phone: 905-886-0111, Fax: 905-886-1888
      Sorbet is introduced by Macro Polo in Europe, it provides unique balance between nature, health and taste and sorbet widely known as low fat dessert. We delivered the best.
    • Phone: 289-371-0211, Fax: 289-371-0214
      Strategically located throughout Canada, Great Western Containers is your complete source of industrial containers and packaging supplies. We inventory product at all locations so that you ...more
  • Spanish Persimons
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 416-255-6879
      Contact Spanish Persimmons (416)255-6879 to purchase persimmons a delicious fruit that is a cross between a peach and an apple. Located in Toronto Canada.
    • Phone: 450-295-2667
      Physicians always advise their patients to exercise daily so that they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, they also do not forget to remind them that exercise is not the ...more
    • Phone: 604-596-0280, Fax: 604-596-0706
      An all around mini market. Carrying fresh local; and year-round produce, as well as having one of the most amazing traditional butcher shops still in existence. Meat cut on-site daily by our ...more
    • Phone: 902-787-3484
      Galloping Cows Fine Foods provides fruit sauces and fiddle syrups in addition to gifts and gift baskets. We also have fresh, homemade pizza available on Friday & Saturday 3-8pm. Come in today! ...more
  • Hollo Maple Farms
    Fenwick, ON
    • Phone: 905-892-6466
      Vegetable Farm
    • Phone: 613-389-3180
      Blossoms is a fresh fruit arrangements store that offers fruit arrangements for every occasion as well as a variety of ready to go treats and a unique selection of giftware. Our mission is ...more
  • Arthur Greenhouses
    Arthur, ON
    • Phone: 519-848-6816, Fax: 519-848-6816
      Bedding Plants, Perennials, Vegetable Transplants, Fruit Shrubs, Ornamental Shrubs, Fruity Trees, Ornamental Trees, Fresh Produce, CSA, Landscaping and Garden Services
    • Phone: 819-297-2527
      La Ferme des 3 Ruisseaux est un verger touristique d'auto cueillette localisé près de Bécancour. Nombreuses variétés de pommes, de cerises et de prunes.
    • Phone: 204-237-7216
      Renowned for its "REAL" fruits & vegetables, Jardins St-Léon Gardens is a family owned & operated outdoor market which specializes in providing its customers with the freshest locally grown ...more
  • Grills Orchards
    Belleville, ON
    • Phone: 613-968-6757, Fax: 613-968-6758
      Fruits & Vegetables-growers & Shippers
  • Arthur Greenhouses
    Arthur, ON
    • Phone: 519-848-6816
      Growers and retailers of bedding plants, hanging baskets, vegetable transplants, fresh vegetables, perennials, herbs, ornamental and fruit shrubs and trees and garden maintenance, landsc...more
    • Phone: 250-498-9641, Fax: 250-498-3180
      Fruit Packers and Wholesale Supplier For Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
    • Phone: 613-747-1623, Fax: 613-747-2006
      Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Total Cleanse
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 647-230-3699
      Total Cleanse takes the health and cleanliness aspect very seriously and they consistently provide great tasting juice delivered to your door at affordable prices.
  • Primo Jardin Inc.
    Mississauga, ON
    • Phone: 905-566-5624, Fax: 905-566-5639
      Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale and distribution and fresh cut prepared processing
  • Centre Road Farm
    Grand Forks, BC
    • Phone: 250-442-2261
      Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Sutton Fruit Market
    Sutton West, ON
    • Phone: 905-722-9084
      Fruits & Vegetables. Produce and Flowers. Retail and Wholesale
  • Phone: 450-469-3842
    Dans cette bleuetiere situee à Rougemont, en Monteregie, vous trouverez en abondance de gros bleuets sucres a cueillir vous-meme ou deja cueillis. En automne, venez faire provision de belles ...more
  • Eastern food Market
    Hamilton, ON
    Phone: 905-385-1685
    Halal Meat, Pakistani/Indian Grocery, Sweets/Samosa, Ladies Boutique
  • Dan's Produce Ltd.
    Niagara Falls, ON
    Phone: 905-356-1560, Fax: 905-356-1436
    Wholesale fresh produce
  • Jardins de la Montagne
    Rougemont, QC
    Phone: 450-469-5358, Fax: 450-469-0972
    Ferme sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal offrant une grande variété de fruits et légumes biologiques. Découvrez les points de services.
  • Paysanne Fruis & Legumes
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-850-0020, Fax: 514-850-0655
    Fruits & Vegetables-brokers
  • Phone: 306-384-7738, Fax: 306-384-7739
    Farming, grain and potatoes. Primary opperation is potatoes. Grow, wash / grade and market.
  • Phone: 705-466-3080, Fax: 705-466-2351
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale plus Cold & Dry Storage Climate Controlled Trucking Delivery Trucks equipped with dydraulic lift & gates. Experience in receiving, skid loading & shipping.
  • Nova Agri Inc
    Centreville, NS
    Phone: 902-582-1445, Fax: 902-582-3676
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Foote's Farm Market
    Centreville, NS
    Phone: 902-678-5253, Fax: 902-678-5981
  • Neighbor's Choice Farm Market
    West Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 778-322-6656
    Neighbor's Choice Farm Market provides fresh produce in the neighborhood. We provide delivery service to restaurants and to your home.
  • Verger Du Pavillon De La Pomme
    Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC
    Phone: 450-464-2654, Fax: 450-464-2654
    Fruits & Vegetables-growers & Shipper
  • Phone: 250-549-3266, Fax: 250-549-2440
    Davison Orchards, the valley’s largest agri-tourism attraction, is a favourite family destination. Davison Orchards is a family run orchard, providing local, fresh produce since 1933. Take ...more
  • MR Produce Canada
    Etobicoke, ON
    Phone: 416-252-9191, Fax: 416-252-6077
    Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Van-Whole Produce
    Vancouver, BC
    Phone: 604-251-3330, Fax: 604-251-1068
    Wholesales - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Phone: 514-488-1148, Fax: 514-488-4284
    Fruits & Vegetables Restaurant, Hotel & Institution distributor
  • Phone: 450-628-1516, Fax: 450-628-6645
    Fruits & Vegetables-Growers/Packers
  • Truscott Farms
    Creston, BC
    Phone: 250-428-4983, Fax: 250-428-2787
    Fruits & Vegetables & Produce-producer and retail Cherries- wholesale/producer
  • Phone: 905-335-3523, Fax: 905-332-0393
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Phone: 416-253-9070, Fax: 416-253-9199
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Phone: 416-603-1667
  • Global Mjl Inc
    Montréal, QC
    Phone: 514-858-5566, Fax: 514-858-5828
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Phone: 902-687-3324, Fax: 902-687-2849
  • Niagara Grape & Tender Fruit
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
    Phone: 905-646-5777, Fax: 905-646-5891
    Fruits & Vegetables-growers & Shippers
  • Phone: 613-521-7415, Fax: 613-521-0155
    Fruits & Vegetables-wholesale
  • Phone: 416-259-6397, Fax: 416-503-0350
    Gambles is a distributor and wholesaler of fresh fruits and vegetables. We distribute produce throughout Canada to retailers, wholesalers, and the food service sector while providing logistics ...more