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Meats and Meat Products in Alberta

  • Bessie Box
    3320 9th St SE, Unit B. Calgary, AB, T2G 3C3
    Bessie started with inviting friends over to a one bedroom apartment to ... more
  • The Craft Beef Company
    3320 9th St SE, Unit B. Calgary, AB, T2G 3C3
    An online marketplace that connects customers with local ranchers and ... more
    • Phone: 780-476-8866
      Al Madina Halal Meat and Deli is the number one halal butcher shop and deli in Edmonton, AB. We are highly rated and have been serving our customers for many years. Our clients can expect excellent ...more
    • Phone: 403-948-6084
      Donairs are an Old World delight brought to Alberta. By the people of Europe and the many nations of the Middle East. We are pleased to provide this tasty delight to tickle your tummy. Our ...more
    • Phone: 403-258-0228
      Offer Ham, Polish Sausage, Cabanossi, Baked Bacon, Fresh Meat, Bread, Pastries, Dairy Products, Products from Poland, Newspapers and Magazines
  • Nossack Fine Meats Ltd
    Red Deer, AB
    • Phone: 403-346-5006, Fax: 403-343-8066
      Nossack Fine Meats Ltd. serves up high quality meat at our shop in Red Deer. For over 33 years, our team has provided quality meat products, continuing a long line of dedicated tradition. Our ...more
    • Phone: 403-314-1574
      Welcome to The European Sausage & Deli in Red Deer. We prepare our 40 different varieties of delicious sausages, hams, bacon, deli meats and head cheese the old fashioned way. Some of the original ...more
    • Phone: 780-332-2667, Fax: 780-332-2664
      Are your dinner prospects looking grim? Visit Johnny's Sausage & Meats Limited in Grimshaw. We carry custom cuts and both fresh and frozen meats. We also offer custom slaughtering and processing ...more
  • K & K Foodliner
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-439-6913, Fax: 780-439-6313
      Turn a boring dinner into a culinary masterpiece with a trip to K & K Foodliner. Based in Edmonton, we are a meat wholesaler, specializing in European specialty foods. Peruse our meat market ...more
  • DeRose Bros Meats Ltd
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-436-0151, Fax: 780-436-0318
      DeRose Bros Meats Ltd is a cut above the rest! We provide catering supplies and custom butchering services for a variety of clients from individuals to camps and even for company functions. ...more
    • Phone: 403-362-3228, Fax: 403-362-8740
    • Phone: 403-529-2385, Fax: 403-529-4600
      Firing up the barbecue? Stop by Reg's Homestyle Meats & Deli Ltd in Medicine Hat to stock up on some fresh cuts. Home of the original and best 'Reg-A-Roni', we also stock fresh and smoked sausages, ...more
    • Phone: 403-250-7727
      Ryan's Meat Processing in Calgary offers customized beef jerky, sausage, hams, and bacon made in-store using Alberta Grade A beef and farm fresh pork. We are also processors of wild game. Call ...more
  • Mad Butcher
    Lethbridge, AB
    • Phone: 403-329-4912, Fax: 403-329-4554
      Lethbridge Meats & Seafoods is proud to introduce the Mad Butcher ® product line. Lethbridge Meats provides superior meat, poultry, and seafood products and services to retail, wholesale and ...more
    • Phone: 403-652-2204
      Based in High River and serving clients throughout Alberta, Foothills Custom Meats serves farms and ranches for all their meat processing needs. We can create custom meat orders of beef, lamb, ...more
  • Premium Meats
    Fort McMurray, AB
    • Phone: 780-750-9622
      The highest-quality meat products are now easy to find with Premium Meats in Fort McMurray, AB. Our butcher shop only supplies Alberta beef. Drop by our shop today. We will be happy to serve ...more
  • Beaverlodge Butcher Shop
    Beaverlodge, AB
    • Phone: 780-354-8600
      The Butcher Shop specializes in quality meats and products. Where all of your meat, whether it be beef, bison or wild game is guaranteed individually processed. So you get back only your meat. ...more
  • High Caliber Products
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-444-0829
      Welcome to CTR Refrigeration & Food Store Equipment Ltd., a proud supplier of High Caliber Products™. We are an energetic company here to provide our customers trusted supplies and equipment ...more
  • Bouma Meats Ltd
    Provost, AB
    • Phone: 780-753-2092
      Bouma Meats Ltd is your meat wholesaler in Provost. Come see out barbeque meat and our fresh and cured meat. We also carry homemade sausages. We're equipped to conduct custom curing and cutting ...more
  • Beaverlodge Butcher Shop
    Grande Prairie, AB
    • Phone: 780-814-8383
      At The Butcher Shop we are focused on providing great customer service, with our friendly staff that are willing to do everything they can to meet your expectations. We do everything from on ...more
  • Noble Premium Bison
    Calgary, AB
    • Phone: 825-509-1436
      At Noble Premium Bison, we raise over 4000 head of bison as nature intended on Canadian grasslands using restorative grazing practices—to ensure the sustainability of our animals and the land ...more
  • Vauxhall Meats
    Vauxhall, AB
    Phone: 403-654-2393, Fax: 403-654-4160
  • Premium Meats
    Fort McMurray, AB
    Phone: 780-748-1497, Fax: 780-748-1167
    We Use Only Alberta AAA Beef
  • Buffalo Valley
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-438-9202
    Your local Edmonton and area Buffalo supplier for over 15 years, specializing in locally raised Bison and Elk with no hormones, steroids or Antibiotics. For the last several years Buffalo Valley ...more
  • Ryley Sausage Ltd
    Ryley, AB
    Phone: 780-663-3990
    Get quality meat from Ryley Sausage Ltd., where we carefully process and package fresh cuts of beef, veal, lamb, chicken and more. Contact us today to place your order.
  • Deluxe Meats & Seafood Ltd
    Medicine Hat, AB
    Phone: 403-527-8634
  • High Caliber Products
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-444-2877
    Welcome to CTR Refrigeration & Food Store Equipment Ltd., a proud supplier of High Caliber Products™. We are an energetic company here to provide our customers trusted supplies and equipment ...more
  • The Better Butcher
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-252-7171, Fax: 403-457-4885
    Great meals start with great ingredients. The Better Butcher in Calgary is your choice destination for top quality meats, including natural pork, grain-fed chicken, organic AAA beef, sausages, ...more
  • Phone: 403-272-4114, Fax: 403-272-1207
    Pre Pak Meats of Calgary Ltd. is a locally owned, family run business offering wholesale meat and custom cut products to the southern Alberta food service industry.
  • Phone: 403-280-5089
  • Wah Hing Meat Shop
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-276-3186
  • Calgary Meats & Deli
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-276-1423, Fax: 403-276-9638
    Welcome to Calgary Meats: Calgary's oldest and most successful butcher shop When you need the highest quality meats and the best customer service in the area while getting competitive pricing ...more
  • Phone: 780-448-7382, Fax: 780-469-9667
    Wholesale poultry, beef, and pork
  • Rangeland Meat Shop
    Lacombe, AB
    Phone: 403-782-0019
    We offer 100% grass-fed premium meats. Our gourmet selection is free from preservatives, hormones, or steroids that's commonly found with low-grade meat products. Shop online or stop by the ...more
  • Grove City Meats Ltd
    Spruce Grove, AB
    Phone: 780-948-8713
    Grove City Meats is a family-owned & operated butcher shop in Spruce Grove offering a wide range of meats from Alberta-raised animals. Call us today to ask about our home-made sausages & smoked ...more
  • Phone: 403-450-7189
  • Phone: 403-782-0019
    Rangeland Bison and Elk was started in 2000, by Swiss immigrant farmer / rancher Armin Mueller. Coming from a dairy background Armin ventured into what he at that time knew best and so built ...more
  • WS Foods Butchershop
    Bluffton, AB
    Phone: 403-843-3636
    Your family butcher shop. We raise natural beef and pork from the pasture to the plate. We also provide custom cutting and wrapping, sausages and jerky.
  • Smokey Farm Meats
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-272-6587
    All of our animals are raised humanely, with respect and care in natural surroundings. They are raised in an environment with plenty of room to exhibit natural behaviors. We believe that buying ...more
  • The Butcher Shoppe
    Airdrie, AB
    Phone: 403-948-9572
    The Butcher Shoppe in Airdrie has always taken great pride in selecting the very best in high quality, healthy, fresh meats for customers to choose from. Our meats are hormone free, locally ...more
  • Serben's Organic Farm
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-656-5244
    Family farm producing certified organic meats (pork, sausage) and eggs for Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.
  • Adam Halal Meats
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-273-3370
    Adam Halal Meat — Quality, Integrity, Affordability We specialize in top quality fresh halal meat; professionally and humanely slaughtered; cut and packaged for our customers. We do our ...more
  • Phone: 403-275-2414, Fax: 403-275-2410
    Halal meat calgary, indian / pakistani groceries, fruits and vegetables, money transfer, take-out halal restaurant, halal catering, and hall booking and many more readily available services ...more
  • Easyford Meats
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-479-1714, Fax: 780-477-1028
    Easyford Meats is a family-owned and operated meat packing and retail business located in Edmonton, Alberta. Owners Shirley and Dan are former cattle farmers who use their knowledge to bring ...more
  • Mighty Clean Ducts Ltd
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-488-0692 - We service Edmonton and the surrounding area and are western Canada's largest and most trusted provider of furnace cleaning and duct cleaning services.
  • Bergen Store
    Sundre, AB
    Phone: 403-638-2162
    Located 10 minutes South of Sundre, Alberta, on Highway 760, in the heart of beautiful downtown Bergen is where you will find the Bergen General Store and where you will find Bergen World Famous ...more
  • Phone: 780-471-3030, Fax: 780-471-6818
  • Newfood Classies
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-299-0844, Fax: 403-266-3641
    Food products.
  • Calahoo Meats Ltd.
    Calahoo, AB
    Phone: 780-458-2136, Fax: 780-458-2146
    Wholesalers- Meats and Meat Products.
  • Phone: 403-329-4349, Fax: 403-329-4396