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Service Industry Machinery (various) in Canada

  • Vacuum pumps, blowers and filters, air knife drying systems.
  • Applied Heat Equipment Company Limited is a leading designer and manufacturer of standalone heat processing systems.
  • Woodstock, ON
    Pneumatic conveying/bulk material handling for the chemical, plastics, food and milling industries, including industrial vacuum cleaning systems
  • Oakville, ON
    Manufacturers of level monitors and controls, ppm oil in water monitors, leak detection and alarms, open channel flow monitors
  • We at Annadale Finishing Systems have a reputation for providing reliable, innovative custom-engineered solutions to the manufacturing & processing industries.
  • Compressed air dryers and compressors, hygrometers and electrical control panels.
  • Phone: 778-893-3443
    Industrial and Machinery Moving Services Machine Rigging
  • Arjay Engineering Ltd.
    Oakville, ON
    Phone: 905-829-2418, Fax: 905-829-4701
    Manufacturers of level monitors and controls, ppm oil in water monitors, leak detection and alarms, open channel flow monitors
  • CGS Industries
    Rigaud, QC
    Phone: 855-639-9835
    CGS Industries is a leader in custom manufactured mezzanines, cantilever and storage lockers, pallet racking, material handling systems and other industrial storage products. We manufacture ...more
  • Phone: 514-342-5656, Fax: 514-342-3131
    Industrial, commercial, electric heating equipment, gas detectors,ventilation control,automatic scraper strainers, liquid filtration, waste water filtration
  • Lawson Taylor Ltd.
    Dundas, ON
    Phone: 905-627-0979, Fax: 905-627-9315
    Lawson-Taylor Ltd. specializes in the industrial ventilation industry in Canada and the United States.
  • Firing Industries Ltd.
    Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
    Phone: 905-688-0962, Fax: 905-688-6643
    Equipment for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical industries including centrifuges, dryers, feeders, mixers, pulverizers and bulk materials handling.
  • Mar Cor Purification
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-639-7025, Fax: 905-639-0425
    Water softeners, carbon and sand filters, dealkalizers, automatic and service exchange deionizers, reverse osmosis systems
  • Phone: 519-623-6223, Fax: 519-623-1122
    Racer Machinery International Inc., is the world's manufacturer of technological advanced CNC machinery and industrial saws. Our line up consists of large capacity CNC vertical and horizontal ...more
  • Phone: 519-570-6593, Fax: 519-893-4252
    Loebsack Waterjet Canada ltd. is a Waterloo based waterjet company specializing in all things Waterjet and Waterjet cut. Waterjets can cut virtually all known materials with the exception of ...more
  • Anderson Water Systems
    Ancaster, ON
    Phone: 289-346-1000
    Design and build industrial water treatment equipment with over 3000 installations in a variety of settings. These include power plants, oil extraction & refineries, chemical production, pulp ...more
  • Phone: 506-433-3393, Fax: 506-433-2443
    1st Factory Direct Manufactuer of Hot and cold water pressure washers ,inplant and custom design systems
  • Phone: 905-828-6301, Fax: 905-828-3674
    Vacuum pumps, blowers and filters, air knife drying systems.
  • Absolute Machine LTD
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-628-6827, Fax: 800-251-7273
    Products and Services CNC & Manual Machining Custom Industrial Manufacturing Custom Oilfield Machine & Manufacturing
  • Culligan of Calgary
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-243-5141, Fax: 403-287-0429
    Whether you need soft water, pure drinking water, or the best of both worlds, Culligan has the solution. Culligan softeners eliminate the hard water that increases energy costs and shortens ...more
  • Culligan Winnipeg
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-694-5180
    Culligan has been the industry leader in water treatment and technology for more than 70 years. They offer the highest quality water treatment products and services available, including water ...more
  • Culligan Cambridge
    Cambridge, ON
    Phone: 800-265-7841
    Contact Culligan has been the industry leader in water treatment and technology for more than 70 years. They offer the highest quality water treatment products and services available, including ...more
  • Culligan Kitchener
    Kitchener, ON
    Phone: 519-744-2248
    Culligan has been the industry leader in water treatment and technology for more than 70 years. They offer the highest quality water treatment products and services available, including water ...more
  • Phone: 705-722-6455, Fax: 705-722-6499
    Custom manufacturing over 30 years for the Scientific Community. Vacuum Chambers, Vacuum Flanges, Vacuum Fittings. Mechanical 3D Designing. Cinematography equipment and accessories.
  • WD Valve Boxes Ltd.
    Winnipeg, MB
    Phone: 204-896-1333, Fax: 204-896-6969
    WD Valve Boxes specializes in the manufacturing of a wide range of products for the waterworks industry. Valve boxes, service boxes, municipal castings, curb inlet covers, pipe restraint devices, ...more
  • Phone: 519-748-5470, Fax: 519-748-2553
    Water pressure systems, pumps and softeners.
  • Phone: 204-786-2403, Fax: 204-783-7598
    Manufacturer of commercial food service equipment.
  • Phone: 416-335-7500, Fax: 416-335-7800
    Plastic powdered corrosion resistant and protective coatings applied to metal parts.
  • Phone: 905-780-2200, Fax: 905-780-2211
    Avenue Industrial carries over 40,000 products for all types of commercial, industrial and institutional businesses. The product line features unparalleled selection across categories including ...more
  • Phone: 416-663-8000, Fax: 416-663-8003
    High Quality Pressure Washing Service. Friendly, Reliable, Professional. Satisfaction Guarantee. -Brick Restoration -Paint Removal -Kitchens - Exhaust System, Equipment -Gum and Graffiti ...more
  • Horus Technologies Inc.
    Newmarket, ON
    Phone: 905-895-7069
    HORUS Technologies has been involved in product design and development in a broad range of applications for industrial automation and control, commercial, and consumer markets. HORUS maintains ...more
  • Phone: 403-244-0751, Fax: 403-245-5808
    Industrial Equipment including pumps, controls, mixers, tanks, heat exchangers, valves & fittings, & heat exchangers. Design, assembly & completion of integrated custom package systems, chemical ...more
  • Phone: 905-831-4963, Fax: 905-831-0042
    T.H. Industrial Solution’s goal is to provide high quality products, services and custom solutions. We service/repair plate & frame & shell & tube heat exchanger. For additional information ...more
  • Phone: 604-255-5555, Fax: 604-255-5685
    Aerospace Industry - Design, Engineer and Manufacture water treatment solutions
  • Moody Power Equipment
    Port Moody, BC
    Phone: 778-355-4855
    Retail and Landscaper sales & service
  • Phone: 403-562-2884, Fax: 403-562-2043
    Welding Shops & Machines Shops
  • Aerowerks
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-363-6999, Fax: 905-363-6998
    Design, Manufacture,Service and Install Belt and Roller Conveyors / Systems
  • Phone: 250-384-4440
    Cleaning Systems-pressure Chemical-mfrs pressure washer and pump repairs sales and service in Victoria British Columbia
  • Phone: 905-832-2261, Fax: 905-832-4821
    Mfrs Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Phone: 905-858-2838, Fax: 905-858-2484
    Sales and service woodworking machinery and tools
  • Marine And Offshore Canada
    St. Catharines, ON
    Phone: 905-688-4922, Fax: 905-688-9028
    Marine compressors /pumps :Slush, sludge / Separator : oil, from water marine sewage treatment plants
  • Phone: 416-745-4944, Fax: 416-745-3217
    Stainless steel custom and production metal fabricating, shearing, CNC punching, break forming, welding.
  • Phone: 403-255-8141, Fax: 403-252-7931
  • Transway Systems Inc.
    Hamilton, ON
    Phone: 905-578-1000, Fax: 905-561-9176
  • Marsh Metrology
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-331-9783, Fax: 905-331-5991
    Let us calibrate your equipment fast and keep your business running with our convienent location for hamilton, burlington, GTA toronto area. Marsh Metrology company can calibrate and sell many ...more
  • Phone: 519-941-2140, Fax: 519-941-8940
    Precision components.
  • Phone: 306-761-3210, Fax: 306-721-5610
    Domestic, commercial and industrial water softeners and filters, reverse osmosis, ultra-violet ozonators, domestic water pumps.
  • Labrie Environmental Group
    Saint-Nicolas, QC
    Phone: 418-831-8250, Fax: 418-831-5285
    Steel truck bodies and cabs, refuse trucks and trailers, recycling equipment, transfer trailers.
  • Sani Works Ltd
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-243-0122, Fax: 403-243-9586
    Janitors Equipment & Supplies-mfrs
  • Phone: 705-356-4118, Fax: 705-356-0315
    Waste Reduction Disposal Equip-ind-mfrs
  • Concord Supply
    Innisfil, ON
    Phone: 705-436-3800, Fax: 705-436-6338
    Water Works Equipment & Supplies-mfrs
  • Nexas Networks Inc.
    Hamilton, ON
    Phone: 905-581-3717, Fax: 289-389-6584
    Nexas Networks is dedicated to making "every machine a node on the corporate network". For the factory floor, we offer real-time machine monitoring solutions complete with Overall Equiment ...more
  • Turmot/Fairwater Sales
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-339-9660, Fax: 514-339-5592
    Marine industry equipment.
  • Phone: 905-662-4788, Fax: 905-662-1700
    Hamilton Plastic Fabricators is the leading provider of custom Fiber Reinforced Plastic solutions, Thermal Plastics and Process Chemical Strainers. Our processes include Hand Lay-up, Tape Winding, ...more
  • Phone: 450-652-9847, Fax: 450-652-4490
    Environment equipment, garbage trucks capable of transporting a variety of wastes, waste management programs, turnkey environmental projects, tubular towers for high voltage transmission, mining ...more
  • Phone: 905-507-4222, Fax: 905-507-2827
    Industrial Automation and Tooling Manufacturing