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Gaskets, Packing, and Sealing Devices in Canada

  • Mississauga, ON
    Manufacture and distribute high temperature gaskets and fiberglass rope and tape
  • Wool hard, polishing and mechanical felt, saddle pads.
  • ACRO Industries Ltd. Is the manufacturer of sealing components and gaskets materials in industrial and automotive industries.
  • All Custom Gasket & Materials Limited is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • ISO 9001:2000 registered distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits and components for mobile and industrial applications
  • Rubber O-rings, sheet rubber and gaskets.
    • Phone: 905-795-9830, Fax: 905-795-9831
      ACRO Industries Ltd. Is the manufacturer of sealing components and gaskets materials in industrial and automotive industries.
  • Les Industries Pro-Tac Inc.
    Saint-Célestin, QC
    • Phone: 819-229-1288, Fax: 819-229-1162
      Gaskets, Rubber, foam products, Die cutting , moldes rubber parts and extrusion
  • Power Plant Supply Co
    St. Albert, AB
    • Phone: 780-458-6433
      Power Plant Supply Co is an integrated services, procurement and stocking distributor. We have served customers in Waterworks, Mining, and Energy projects for more than 20 years. To meet complex ...more
  • QBM Services
    Gravenhurst, ON
    • Phone: 705-689-6116, Fax: 705-689-0039
      QBM offers 40 years of professional conveyor services including hot vulcanized splicing, repairs, installations and pulley laggings. We have 9 locations across North America to offer 24/7 emergency ...more
  • Progressive Sealing Inc
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-263-1562, Fax: 604-263-8923
      Progressive Sealing Inc. was started in 1980 to service industrial fluid sealing needs within Western Canada. Since our inception, the A.W. Chesterton Company in Stoneham, Massachusetts has ...more
  • J B L MachineTech
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    • Phone: 514-331-0005, Fax: 514-221-4401
      •Machinery Repairs Retrofitting Refurbishing Custom Machined Parts Preventative Maintenance Relocating Equipment JBL ElectroTechtronics Machine Products Custom Designed Equipment Manufacturer ...more
  • Doverco Inc.
    Vaughan, ON
    • Phone: 416-245-0112, Fax: 289-256-2142
      Packaging materials for industrial supplies.
    • Phone: 905-277-5514, Fax: 905-277-3060
      MM® Plastic (Mfg.) Co. Inc. are molders of high-volume, lightweight plastic products.
  • Hi-Tech Gaskets
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-439-4894, Fax: 780-436-9502
      Hi-Tech Gaskets is founded on the principle of quality products, quality control and on-time delivery. Hi-Tech Gaskets manufactures die cut, hand cut, water jet and laser cut gaskets. We also ...more
  • Hi-Tech Seals
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-775-7881, Fax: 204-775-7954
      About Hi-Tech Seals Inc.: Hi-Tech Seals Inc. was founded in Edmonton, Alberta on October 1st, 1990. We are a leading Canadian seal distribution company with a longstanding commitment to client ...more
    • Phone: 416-293-1990, Fax: 416-293-1286
      Rubber O-rings, sheet rubber and gaskets.
  • Masternet Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    • Phone: 905-795-0005, Fax: 905-795-9293
      Vexar® plastic netting, mesh & net bags. Cylinder & bottle sleeves, machine parts protection, aqua/seafood/filtration/erosion control
    • Phone: 905-670-2200, Fax: 905-670-1927
      Applied Heat Equipment Company Limited is a leading designer and manufacturer of standalone heat processing systems.
    • Phone: 613-228-3295, Fax: 613-225-5297
      PVC Industrial Products has been supplying Ottawa-Gatineau and Eastern Ontario with pipe, fittings, valves and gaskets since 1996. We supply PVC, CPVC, HDPE and all sorts of materials for these ...more
  • Daemar Inc.
    Oakville, ON
    • Phone: 905-847-6500, Fax: 905-847-6943
      Daemar Inc. prides ourselves on our efforts to be the industry’s first choice of Fluid Sealing and Precision Component solutions.
  • Specialty Gaskets Inc.
    Mississauga, ON
    • Phone: 905-564-0807, Fax: 905-564-4812
      Manufacture and distribute high temperature gaskets and fiberglass rope and tape
    • Phone: 905-507-4580, Fax: 905-507-4589
      All Custom Gasket & Materials Limited is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • Hi-Tech Seals Inc.
    Edmonton, AB
    • Phone: 780-438-6055, Fax: 780-434-5866
      Manufacturer of custom O-Rings, Back-Ups, U-Cups, Piston Seals, Rod Seals, Rod Wipers, Mechanical Seals
  • Fibrecast Inc.
    Burlington, ON
    • Phone: 905-319-1080, Fax: 905-319-7611
      Refactories, vacuum-forming and engineering. Fibrecast Inc. is becoming a leader in ceramic vacuum-form technology.
  • Advance Fasteners Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    • Phone: 905-673-3040, Fax: 905-673-3024
      Standard and special fasteners in imperial and metric, in all alloys, nuts, bolts, washers, studs, wood, tapping, self drilling screw & socket screw products
    • Phone: 905-279-6680, Fax: 905-279-3099
      Wool hard, polishing and mechanical felt, saddle pads.
  • Budlar Flexible Products
    Cambridge, ON
    • Phone: 519-622-3868, Fax: 519-622-3090
      Custom vulcanized O-rings, seals and extrusions.
    • Phone: 416-252-9551, Fax: 416-255-7706
      Plastic sheets, rods, tubes, films and cutting, machining, fabricating and hot air tools.
    • Phone: 800-665-7325, Fax: 800-565-6990
      ISO 9001:2000 registered distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, seal kits and components for mobile and industrial applications
    • Phone: 519-455-4050, Fax: 519-455-4059
      Southern/Southwest Ontario Supplier of Pressure Welding, Boiler, Pumps, Hydronics, Thermal Systems, Combustion, Controls, Piping, Refractory, Metal Fabrication, Tanks, Mechanical Contracting
  • Higginson Equipment Inc.
    Burlington, ON
    • Phone: 905-335-2211, Fax: 905-335-8756
      We manufacture high quality Air & Hydraulic Cylinders & distribute Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Specialty components. Higginson Equipment has the hydraulics you need!
  • H. Paulin & Co. Limited
    Scarborough, ON
    • Phone: 416-694-3351, Fax: 416-694-1869
      Steel and non-ferrous fasteners, steel and brass fittings, automotive aftermarket components, screw driver bits, tools and assortments, weld fasteners and stampings.
    • Phone: 905-564-3215, Fax: 905-564-2192
      Manufacturers of Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Products, including rubber & polyurethan rollers, rubber or elastomeric covered, and silicone rolls
  • ASI
    Abbotsford, BC
    • Phone: 604-855-8940, Fax: 604-855-8941
      CNC manufacturer of your precision stainless steel, steel, uhmw, acetal, Delrin, HDPE, aluminum, rubber, composite, parts.
  • Huinink Construction Inc.
    Burlington, ON
    • Phone: 905-510-5565
      Huinink Construction a top provider of Crack Injection, Concrete Restoration and Specialty Coatings services in Ontario. Huinink is primarily known for their in depth knowledge about ...more
    • Phone: 416-494-5400, Fax: 905-415-1585
      Paper converting services, die cutting, industrial packaging.
    • Phone: 905-831-4963, Fax: 905-831-0042
      T.H. Industrial Solution’s goal is to provide high quality products, services and custom solutions. We service/repair plate & frame & shell & tube heat exchanger. For additional information ...more
  • Canada Rubber Group Inc.
    Bowmanville, ON
    • Phone: 905-725-9800, Fax: 905-725-2987
      gaskets , cut parts, moulded rubber parts,
  • Phone: 519-455-3377, Fax: 519-455-9833
    Steel molds for use in the production of automotive rubber sealing systems such as rubber seals for doors, windows, mirrors, trunks and body seals.
  • ThyssenKrupp Materials NA
    Saint-Laurent, QC
    Phone: 514-337-0161, Fax: 514-745-2968
    Non-ferrous metal and industrial plastics.
  • K C Seals Inc
    Calgary, AB
    Phone: 403-531-2690, Fax: 403-287-8059
    Leading Supplier and manufacturer of Hydraulic, pneumatic, and perfromance seals
  • Phone: 306-934-3366, Fax: 306-934-7663
    Applied Industrial Technologies is your source for critical MRO parts, including bearings, material handling parts, linear products, fluid sealing components, and power transmission parts.
  • Tuffee Inc.
    Kitchener, ON
    Phone: 519-896-2555, Fax: 519-896-2988
    Industrial Distribution.
  • Phone: 416-231-0606, Fax: 416-231-0420
    Manufacturing usages and other Prepared Meat Products
  • Phone: 204-694-4444, Fax: 204-632-6767
    Rubber and sponge moulded and die cut products, and other gasket and moulded products.
  • Phone: 905-940-6598, Fax: 905-940-8076
    Insulation Material - Electric
  • Deublin Co
    Laval, QC
    Phone: 514-745-4100, Fax: 514-745-8612
    Rotary joint
  • Phone: 416-878-7295
    cease water infiltration in concrete structures.
  • Phone: 604-513-1661, Fax: 604-513-1669
    Rubber products, Gaskets (rubber, extruded), Extrusions, Rubber to Metal Vulcanization, Hoses and Sleeves, Die Cut Custom Gaskets, Urethane
  • Nuraseal Co. Ltd.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-795-8380, Fax: 905-795-8381
    Mfrs. hydraulic seals.
  • Phone: 604-882-3493, Fax: 604-882-0686
    Specialized metal service centre, aluminum, copper, perforated and expanded metal, plastics and stainless.
  • Ontario Gasket Inc.
    Gloucester, ON
    Phone: 613-747-1455, Fax: 613-747-2780
    Custom gas
  • Phone: 519-753-8671, Fax: 519-753-8674
    Mfrs Air & Gas Compressors
  • Samuel Strapping Systems
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-279-9580, Fax: 905-635-3173
    Steel & plastic strapping, stitching wire, strapping tools, automatic strapping machines & machine systems, edgeboard, stretch wrap, stretch wrap machines, dunnage bags, rubber matting, ink ...more
  • Nortesco Inc.
    Dorval, QC
    Phone: 514-636-6116, Fax: 514-636-5491
    Industrial and luxury plumbing products, high temperature expansion joints.