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Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Waters in Canada

  • Orangeville, ON
    Water Treatment Equipment Services, Bottled Water, Coolers & Salt & Delivery to the GTA. Watermaker services commercial, residential and industrial facilities.
  • CLW Holdings Inc.
    Kerrobert, SK
    • Phone: 306-463-8759
      Supply and deliver potable water in Kerrobert, Kindersley area! Secor-certified ISN net world and comply works and also full OHS compliance!
    • Phone: 289-371-0211, Fax: 289-371-0214
      Strategically located throughout Canada, Great Western Containers is your complete source of industrial containers and packaging supplies. We inventory product at all locations so that you ...more
    • Phone: 800-462-9958
      Pureified water bottler
    • Phone: 905-373-1040, Fax: 905-373-1700
      Personal Service Coffee Cobourg is a Home and Office beverage specialist with a retail showroom located conveniently at 1040 Division Street. We specialize in K-Cups for Keurig, T-Disc for Tassimo ...more
  • CompuFirst
    Hamilton, ON
    • Phone: 905-318-9699
      We are a company that specializes in computer retail. We know our computer systems, and we know what you need. However we are more so a company that delivers these products to you with care, ...more
    • Phone: 416-242-5500, Fax: 416-901-4330
      Convenience, tobacco, confections, Italian products, bread, milk, groceries, hardware, flowers, plants, spanish products, over the counter drugs, gillette blades, pop and drinks
  • Dworkin's & Bemco
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 416-782-4066, Fax: 416-782-4509
      Dworkin’s & Bemco are one of the leaders in supplying vending products Toronto, as well as countless small grocery stores, convenience stores and more.
    • Phone: 514-254-9411, Fax: 514-257-5388
      Mfrs. of soft drinks
  • Watermaker Inc.
    Orangeville, ON
    • Phone: 519-941-3725, Fax: 519-942-0079
      Water Treatment Equipment Services, Bottled Water, Coolers & Salt & Delivery to the GTA. Watermaker services commercial, residential and industrial facilities.
  • pinxin company
    Ottawa, ON
    • Phone: 514-398-4455
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  • Dail A bottle
    Toronto, ON
    • Phone: 416-588-4429, Fax: 416-588-4429
      DIAL A BOTTLE IN TORONTO provides fast and reliable service from many years for Toronto in Canada. There are two ways you can reach us. Either call at 416 588-4429 or fill out online form. To ...more
  • Culligan Winnipeg
    Winnipeg, MB
    • Phone: 204-694-5180
      Culligan has been the industry leader in water treatment and technology for more than 70 years. They offer the highest quality water treatment products and services available, including water ...more
  • Triton Marine Supply
    Vancouver, BC
    • Phone: 604-294-4444, Fax: 604-294-5879
      A full service ship supply company affiliated and part of the United Chandlers Group.
  • Phone: 613-244-9961, Fax: 613-244-7610
    Soft drinks.
  • Phone: 604-432-7727
    Hillcrest Brewing has been an on-premise beer brewing and wine making store (UBrew/UVin) since 1992. We help you to create your own pub-quality draft beer, award-winning wines, cooler, cider ...more
  • Phone: 403-277-1886, Fax: 403-276-9963
    Everest Enterprises is primarily a sales and service agency, dedicated to providing quality service and sales since 1992. We will leverage IT infrastructure, distribution channels, purchasing ...more
  • Main St Convenience
    Niagara Falls, ON
    Phone: 905-371-3539
    Variety, Stationary, Magazine Store (Best selection of magazines in town)
  • Phone: 306-584-4500, Fax: 306-721-5133
    Carbonated soft drinks.
  • Lil'wat Gas Station
    Mount Currie, BC
    Phone: 604-894-5777, Fax: 604-894-5798
    Service Stations-gasoline & Oil convenience store
  • Phone: 519-534-1445
    Cigar Cigarette & Tobacco Dealers-retail with a variety of snack foods, drinks, and hard scooped premium ice cream Circa 1930's pool hall with full size snooker talbe, and 8 ball tables. Local ...more
  • Coca-Cola Ltd.
    Edmonton, AB
    Phone: 780-450-2653, Fax: 780-461-1558
    Mfrs. & Wholesales Bottled and Cannel Soft Drinks and Carbonated Water
  • Trade World Corporation
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 416-385-3200
  • Cott Corp.
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-672-1900, Fax: 905-672-5229
    Food processing. Manufacturing & wholeselling Groceries
  • Cott Corp
    Mississauga, ON
    Phone: 905-672-1900, Fax: 905-672-5229
    Soft drinks (carbonated), Water (bottled) and Spring water.
  • Flamborough Springs Inc.
    Waterdown, ON
    Phone: 905-689-0390, Fax: 905-689-0430
    Bottled water./Filtration Systems,/ Flavoured Drink Crystals
  • P A Bottlers Ltd.
    Prince Albert, SK
    Phone: 306-922-7777, Fax: 306-763-1977
  • McCain Foods (Canada)
    Toronto, ON
    Phone: 416-259-7851, Fax: 416-259-0713
    Frozen concentrated and single strength juices.
  • Phone: 604-232-7600, Fax: 604-232-7620
    Bottled water. Manufacturing about carbonated water
  • Browning Harvey Limited
    St. John's, NL
    Phone: 709-579-4116, Fax: 709-579-2908
    Bottlers of carbonated beverages.
  • Pik-fast Express Inc.
    Mount Pearl, NL
    Phone: 709-747-0999, Fax: 709-364-4905
    Courier service
  • Phone: 416-424-6000, Fax: 416-424-6329
    Fountain syrup, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, packaged still water and isotonics.
  • Phone: 506-855-6525, Fax: 506-853-7066
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd.
    Edwardsville, NS
    Phone: 902-567-2726, Fax: 902-539-5062
    Ware House
  • Phone: 902-564-4536, Fax: 902-562-8035
    Mfrs. and Wholesalers of Bottled and Soft Drinks and Cartronateel Waters.
  • Phone: 514-493-4666, Fax: 514-493-9052
    Juices, canned and frozen food products.
  • Brum's Dairy Ltd
    Pembroke, ON
    Phone: 613-735-2325, Fax: 613-735-2068
    Mfrs. & Whol;esale Dairy Products
  • Breuvages KiRi-A Division of Unigesco Inc.
    Saint-Félix-de-Valois, QC
    Phone: 450-889-8344, Fax: 450-889-8346
    Soft drinks and spring water.
  • Breuvages Drummond Ltee
    Drummondville, QC
    Phone: 819-478-1411, Fax: 819-478-5588
  • Big 8 Beverages Ltd.
    Stellarton, NS
    Phone: 902-755-6333, Fax: 902-755-6272
    Soft drinks.
  • B R T Provisioners Inc.
    Peterborough, ON
    Phone: 705-295-6833, Fax: 705-295-4707
    Beef and pork by products, poultry by products, fish and fish by products, general commodities, (fruit, fruit juices, concentrates, vegetables), food products (frozen/canned) and pet consumer ...more
  • Phone: 519-599-2182, Fax: 519-599-6664
    Juice Manufacturer
  • Phone: 204-687-7517, Fax: 204-687-7940
    Bottlers of soft drinks and juices.
  • Alex Coulombe Ltee
    Québec, QC
    Phone: 418-687-2700, Fax: 418-687-2247
  • Algoma Steel Inc.
    Burlington, ON
    Phone: 905-331-3400, Fax: 905-331-3408
    Steel Processing
  • Phone: 204-774-7770, Fax: 204-772-5051
    Mfrs. Borrled & Carbonated Water
  • Phone: 204-788-7912, Fax: 204-783-2173
    Soft drinks (carbonated)
  • Whistler Water
    Burnaby, BC
    Phone: 604-606-1903, Fax: 604-420-1508
    Mfrs. Bottle Water and Canned Soft Drinks
  • Western Creamery Inc.
    Brampton, ON
    Phone: 905-458-8696, Fax: 905-458-8717
    Cottage cheese, cheese, butter, sour cream, juices, snack foods, drinks (fruit), soft drinks (carbonated)
  • Tropical Treets
    North York, ON
    Phone: 416-759-8777, Fax: 416-759-7782
    Ice cream, Food products (ethnic), Soft drinks (carbonated), Juices
  • Phone: 613-394-3317, Fax: 613-394-3263
    Warehouse storage for fruits (frozen), juices (frozen), vegetables (frozen)